Personalization for Auth0

Auth0 provides single sign-on capability. In other words, you can enable users to login with their social media or Gmail account. This provides characteristics that can be used to create audiences. The characteristics vary from platform to platform. For example, Facebook provides different characteristics from Gmail or LinkedIn.

An example of how this might look, see the following screenshot.

Auth0 integration for Sunbreak

This link provides a list of SSO integrations that Auth0 provides.

As an example, let’s look at the characteristics provided by Gmail.

Characteristic Description Example
Given Name The visitor’s first name. John
Family Name The visitor’s last name. Doe
Nickname The visitor’s preferred name. Jonny
Name The visitor’s full name. John Doe
Picture The visitor’s profile picture. URL link to an image.
Locale The locale of the visitor. en
Email The visitor’s email. [email protected]
Email Verified Whether the visitor’s email has been verified or not. Y / N

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